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10.04.2006 12:33
About the double rope:
Double rope can be enabled in the options of the VC version. Then just press rope key twice...

09.03.2004 10:21
This project is cool... too bad it's quite dead now; maybe a lack of feedbacks? :l
Hang in there!

24.10.2003 20:47
good clone man! keep it up!

27.09.2003 08:32
africanguyman - none
keep off oooooooooooooooooooooooo

08.09.2003 17:42
the only things i see that are missing are random maps, and the options menu is different from liero 1.33

08.09.2003 07:42
Mike -
Is a pleasure to see nice projects like yours, the source forge community is doing a great job!

01.08.2003 09:28
No Linux Version ;...-(

27.07.2003 01:55
Andreas Schierl -
Rope can be used just like in original liero: With Jump+Change

26.07.2003 15:38
Great game, but how do you use the rope? I don't know which key to press to use it and didn't see the rope in the keyboard configuration. Am i missing something here? Thanks

18.05.2003 04:20
Oliver Schneider -
You did a really great job with your game.
I didn't expect it so good. :-)
Just go on and don't stop programming it.

20.04.2003 13:44
Liero -
Some can speak me a server of yaLC or liero extreme....I am from brazil is not existent sites and servers of liero iam is vicied the game i be programer go create the game clone of liero for playing online yalc and liero extreme is most basic for the game of dos be good is liero some go help me the create????? or speakme the game good equal liero 133 inclusive the game of tag online the game will to do sucesso in brazil and wold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20.04.2003 13:32
PoliZei_Liero -
Eu gostaria de saber alguns servers desse jogo chamado yalc....use tradutor

15.04.2003 12:02
- n/a - -
Aargh! Swamped with Liero "clones"..information overload...~passes out~...~recovers~...keep up the good work.

14.04.2003 14:31
didnt know you could uncompress exe files, not a big deal though, i blood aount changer like in liero would be nice, and maybe random maps?

14.04.2003 03:39
Andreas Schierl
You can uncompress the .exe using UPX ( and then change the resources using ResHacker (

13.04.2003 15:24
Yeah i guess that is a good feature, if you could put an icon library into that file so all the graphics were in the file but could be edidted i think that would be cool, dont know if it would work out im not much of a programmer.

13.04.2003 12:41
Andreas Schierl
School isn't really bad, just a bit of work...
I thought it was a feature that nearly the entire game was in one file - that's why I did it that way.

11.04.2003 16:51
School is bad or some parts of it.
Some features would be maybe graphics in a seperate file so you could put total liero mods?

11.04.2003 08:45
Andreas Schierl
1. I'm quite busy at the moment (school...)
2. What should be changed/added in the next release?

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