About YaLC

The idea of YaLC was born when many of my classmates started to like playing liero at school, but didn't like that it was only 2-player though we had a LAN at school. So I decided to write my own clone that would run on LAN. At that time I didn't know about all the other clones out there (Wurmz!, WormRage, LOSP, ALC etc.). So I chose the name after YaST, SuSE's Linux setup tool. (Now I know that there was no suitable clone for the requested purpose (no network-enabled liero clone I know allows 2 players per PC)

When I had proceeded quite far, I tried it on two of our computers at school. But I had to realize that it was quite slow on the slower computer of those. So I decided to port it to C++ (even before I was "asked" to do so in LieroNet Forum) to speed the game up.

I planned to call this version YaLC-VC (a working name, it might be called different in the end if I find a better name).

About the Author

I am a student from Germany and currently 20 years old. My first programming experiences were in QBasic. A long time later I switched to QuickBasic and some more time later to Visual Basic 5. I liked that very much and so I also bought Visual Basic 6 (together with Visual C++ 6). YaLC is my first "greater" game and YaLC-VC my first greater experience with C++ (before I only wrote a few very short tools in C++).

Apart from that I'm quite familiar with PHP, JavaScript.

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